We are a Husband and Wife that has a huge love for food! We are constantly creating new menu options and choices that tickle all of our customers taste buds.

As Alex has been working with builders and tradespeople over the last few months, he has a complete understanding of the typical meals that a physically demanding job entail. His current menu favourite is The Steak & Stilton in a panini. It's both warming and filling, and gives one the energy and fuel they need to conquer their day. 

Whilst Jess has been running events, a large portion of her weekday work was sat in an office making sure she has all of the final details in place. Lighter food options such as salads and wraps, are always a good fit for a job that consists of sitting at a desk all day. There is nothing worse than feeling stogy and full - especially when the summer is around the corner. Although when it's winter - Baggy jumpers and warming baguettes all the way!

Meat and Cheese Sandwich


After living and working in Rustington for many years now, we have noticed that although there are some fantastic cafe's, there isn't anywhere that isn't a chain who focuses strictly on takeaway options. But above this, a shop that gives people the chance to create their own lunch from fresh produce. Speaking to many of the office workers in the village and trades people, we believe that our products can help with efficiency of not having to wait for your food to be ready as we are able to make your food as soon as it's ordered. 

In addition to this, whenever we are leaving for a long journey or a road trip we always start off by packing a lunch ready for the trip. To have a premises that you are able to drive up to and collect your order, is luxury that until now Rustington didn't have. Which means it's one less thing to worry about before leaving on a long journey.


As a company we hold very strong morals and values that entail supporting other local small businesses where we can. It is always our aim to purchase all of our stock and produce through other local independents. 

We also have a small vegetable garden where we grow many of our tomatoes, peppers and chili's that we use in our special chili jam. As we grow these items, we know exactly what has been used in the growing process and that no pesticides have been used. 

Our final value and mission statement is that all of our food is made fresh that day, using the very best ingredients. You will never purchase a stale or day old product!

Food Delivery